we collaborate with busy companies offering ongoing graphic design services + print management // 

Pinnacle Design Studio specialise in graphic design services for busy companies who need creative assistance. We partner with our clients to reduce the skills gap within their team by providing expertise in graphic design, visual brand identityprint management and website design.

Similar to freelance graphic designers, we support clients with their creative requirements on an ad-hoc basis. We work online from our Sydney office and communicate flawlessly like internal employees. As a result, this eliminates the need to hire full-time designers and essentially saves our clients thousands of dollars. We handle our client’s creative projects to allow them more time to perform the tasks they excel at.

Most importantly, our clients’ vision and end goals are always the number one priority. Our designs are strategic and we work closely with clients to ensure projects are delivered with brand consistency, on time and within budget.

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about us //

Hi! I’m Fiona Pinney, founder of Pinnacle Design Studio. Born in Sydney, I am a visual communication designer who loves refined, minimal and intelligent design.

Pinnacle Design Studio was established in 2009 and now with over 70+ clients, we are an established and confident design studio tailored to working with SME’s. We specialise in graphic design services for busy companies who need creative assistance.

I’m obsessed with design and a perfectionist. Away from the design world I’m a mum of two kids and love spending time with the fam, eating chocolate and watching true crime documentaries (I secretly wish I was a police detective but I might need to leave that career for my next life).

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“As a busy SME, it’s been invaluable and a real pleasure having access to the talent, professionalism and timely services of Pinnacle Design Studio. It’s like having an internal designer that fills the skills gap, but also provides the extra value-add to our services through ongoing creative and print support.” Tamara Haig

Chief Executive Officer, DevDAS Pty Ltd